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Our company provides the following services:

- Pre-Arrival Consultation
We discuss the personal needs and desires of your employee before he/she even leaves home.

- Orientation Tour; in order to become acquainted with the new environment.

- Pick-Up-Service from the Airport

- Temporary Lodgings (Hotel, Furnished Apartment, Vacation Homes)

- Search for an Apartment/House, with our client’s needs in mind we can help to find a suitable apartment/house, make appointments with real estate agents and landlords, accompany our client when viewing prospective real estate or going through the final walk-through, help with rental contracts and conditions of sale/rent, assistance in furnishing the apartment/house (for instance, procuring kitchen appliances) and if necessary temporary furniture leasing until the client’s household goods arrive.

- Contacting Utility Companies (Electric, Gas, Water, Telephone, Radio/TV)

- Aid in obtaining Insurance (Household, Liability, Health, Auto...)

- Assistance when opening Bank Accounts

- Helping the client with Registering with Local Authorities

- School and Pre-School Registration for families with children

- Finding an appropriate Language Course or Tutor

- Car Rental

- Buying and Registering an Automobile

- Arranging for Parking Permit when necessary

- Monitoring the Delivery of Household Goods, by contacting the moving company

- Help in finding an appropriate Babysitter

- Property Management

- Assistance in joining Acculturation Programs and Courses

- Applying for a Visa or Visa extension

- Obtaining a Work Permit or an extension thereof

- Obtaining Tax Forms

- Applying for Aid to Dependent Children (Kindergeld)

- Driver’s License Transfer (within the first 6 months)